our vision

We believe that “economic growth” is an unstable concept while “economic development” is an stable one.   Economic growth can be effected at any time by changes in the income of anestablishment or any unpredicted political, social or economical change of internal or external origin while economic development can stay intact because of its institutionalization in the system.

Our view at the time of establishing our group of companies in construction and steel structure manufacturing industries was based on development and not growth. Growth will not necessarily bring about development with it while development will definitely result in growth.

Primary concerns of the Group with such an outlook are; customer centric orientation, a binding responsibility to fulfill obligations, utilization of expertise and up to date technologies in the industry, a high quality standard, promptness with delivery, production of the orders at the most economical cost, optimization of productivity, maximum utilization of domestic resources, research and development, an outward look towards export of products and services, and a close and continuous relation with the customers as the Group’s valuable partners even after the fulfillment of all obligations. Respecting these principles has guaranteed the Group’s invulnerability against all market fluctuations and has ensured its continuous enduring development. No doubt that all this would have not been achieved without the full trust and backing of hundreds of the Group’s national and foreign partners and the mental institutionalization of these principles in the minds and thoughts of our colleagues and associates.

Omid Shahidii; CEO