QC and R&D Department

This department is consisted of Quality Control (QC) and Research and Development (R&D) units and is managed and controlled under the direct supervision of the General Manager. This deliberate separation and independence from plant manager’s control area has changed this department to an strong auditing unit that can control all phases of production from cutting to welding and all the way to finishing and painting of the structural parts and their dispatch and assembly at the job site.
As a principal part of the managing system, Research and Development unit is responsible for research on applied designing, production, and assembly using the latest in technology and equipment and machinery. Acquirement, adaptation, technology and equipment updating and improvement, waste and pollutants reduction, increase in productivity, optimization of energy consumption, cost reduction, employment of the latest achievements in applied construction technology, and improvement of staff’s engineering and technical knowledge and abilities to meet the Group’s standards and goals are a part of this department’s responsibility. The importance of Research and Development in the world is so significant that is considered one of the determining factors in development index of an establishment or a country.