Engineering and Technical Department

All designing and calculations of the structures and building projects, preparation of calculation files and executive and workshop drawings are prepared by the Engineering and Technical Office which is run by competent and experienced engineers.
Upon receipt of an inquiry, a field study of the site where the project is to be constructed is done by a team of this office and after an analysis of the viewpoints of the client, corrective supplementary proposals are prepared and discussed together with the client and his advisory team. Once the scope of the inquiry is clearly defined and confirmed by the client, a 3D drawing of the project is prepared using the latest in software technology and based on that a material list along with the specification of all items and components is drawn. The calculation file and drawings after confirmation by the client are handed out to the commercial department for the supply of material, to the quality control department for quality control of the incoming material all the way through the production process, loading and dispatch of the completed parts and their assembly at the job site, and to the production department to start production.